3 Day Skate Park Trip

3 Day Skate Park Trip

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Everything you need to know

What is a 3 day skate park trip?

By car we visit at least 2 skate parks in Belgium in 1 day . So in total we visit at least 6 skateparks in Belgium in 3 days!

Where can you be picked up?

Pick up is done at the following locations:

- Tessenderlo skate park - 10:00

- Aarschot skate park - 10:40

Back at pick up point

- Aarschot skate park - 17:00

- Tessenderlo skate park - 17:45

What's included?


- Tips & tricks from @griptapehurts

- On the last day a meal at a fast food restaurant (Mcdonald's, KFC, Quick, Burger King,...)

- Stickers

- 10% discount code for the website

- Have fun


- Drinks / food (bring your own)

- Entrance fee if we go to an indoor skate park


A group chat is also being made for those who have registered, in this group chat you can let us know which skate parks you would like to visit!