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Step lessons

Step lessons

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All information in short

For whom ?

For anyone who wants to start stunt scootering. Whether you already know some tricks or you have never ridden a stunt scooter, we will take you with us and ensure maximum results.

Who are the lessons taught by?

The stunt scooter lessons are given by stunt scooters who are among the best in Belgium.

Where and when ?

- Every Wednesday afternoon in Beringen

- Every Saturday afternoon in Aarschot

- Every Sunday morning in Tessenderlo

The exact hours will be communicated via email/sms.

How much is it ?

Taking a lesson costs €50 for 4 lessons .

After the 4th lesson you will automatically receive a payment request from us via text or email so that you can easily pay for the next 4 lessons.

What if the weather is bad?

If the weather is bad or there are other circumstances as a result of which the lessons cannot take place, this will be reported in time via e-mail/sms.

And you pay for 4 lessons, this means if 1 lesson cannot take place, this lesson will be moved to the next time so that you still get 4 lessons.


Alle lessen, kampen en evenementen georganiseerd door MALLGRAB zijn op eigen risico.