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Skate lessons

Skate lessons

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All information in short

For whom ?

For anyone who wants to start skateboarding. Whether you already know some tricks or you have never stood on a skateboard, we will take you with us and ensure maximum results.

Who are the lessons taught by?

You will always be taught by an experienced skateboarder . Usually this is Oliver better known as @griptapehurts.

Where and when ?

- Every Wednesday afternoon in Beringen

- Every Saturday afternoon in Aarschot

- Every Sunday morning in Tessenderlo

The exact hours will be communicated via email/sms.

How much is it ?

Taking a lesson costs €50 for 4 lessons .

After the 4th lesson you will automatically receive a payment request from us via text or email so that you can easily pay for the next 4 lessons.

What if the weather is bad?

If the weather is bad or there are other circumstances as a result of which the lessons cannot take place, this will be reported in time via e-mail/sms.

And you pay for 4 lessons, this means if 1 lesson cannot take place, this lesson will be moved to the next time so that you still get 4 lessons.


Alle lessen, kampen en evenementen georganiseerd door MALLGRAB zijn verzekerd!